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Aug 28, 2001
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Anyone have any experience with Native American Fighting Arts? I know there is a Kenpo gu called Chief Roman that uses Kenpo and calls it Native American Arts, but I am looking for something more pure.
Jeremy Bays
OK...this may not be the kind of "pure" you're lookin' for right now. But, it IS a JKD concepts guy who went in a few interesting of which is native american fighting. Maybe he breaks his training for each "style" down pretty specifically, as I've seen with other JKD concepts instructors.

Hope it helps.

Haven't I talked to you ages ago? Same Jeremy?

Anyway if your really interested I can put you in contact with some guys, NH and NJ. A bit of a trip but the real deal.

Haven't I talked to you ages ago? Same Jeremy?

Same Jeremy as what? If you are the ARTHUR on the Russian Martial Arts Forum, then YES I am that same Jeremy. If you are the Arthur from the IRS, then NO it was a different Jeremy :D

I am very intrested in Native American Fighting "styles". I have an american indian hertiage and would love to further explore the fighting approach.

I spent some time in the Oklahoma reservations talking to some older Shawnee gentlemen. They explained a little of the tomahawk fighting style that they were taught as young boys. It looked much like the filipino martial arts.

Jeremy Bays
The Jeremy from Farmland, Indiana (60 mile north of Indianapolis)
YEah, its me... the Arthur from the RMA forum. Hey whats's up. Sorry for the delay in a response... I wasn't able to respond for a while.

If your interested in Native American Fighting Arts... you can go checkout the Virtual Mountain Wilderness School contact the man who runs it (Bruce). He's one of my students, and is very knowledgable about various Native American survival arts.

take care,
Ive heard they dont punch with closed fists

I can not speak to this. What I was shown was someone "punching with a tomahawk". They did not demostrate empty hand.

Also, the Native American fighting styles are very different from one reigon to another and one tribe to another. That is a very general statement.

Jeremy Bays
TRS, the same guys who brought us Vlad, has just come out with a tape of someone who they claim is teaching the Native American Indian Fighting Arts. I just love how TRS promotes these guys. That company is one of the most persuasive. I'm just glad when I trusted them regarding Vladimir. Here's the link:

If anyone decides to take the risk, please post a review.
I dont know how many people here have heard of Ki Chuan Do, the system developed by Master John Perkins. His father Coy Perkins who was half Cherokee Indian trained JP in knife, tomahawk, stick, spear, as well as Native American style combat. He has applied this training to the system he has developed along with many other aspects of realistic defense.
I would be greatly interested in checking out AUTHENTIC Native American Fighting Arts, but sadly, it is hard to find. Most people who claim it have backgrounds in Filipino Martial Arts, or Kenpo, and it would seem that what they teach is only a hybrid of those arts. I don't want some guys hybrid interpretation of FMA (something I already train in), but I would want something a bit more authentic.
There is a big ad in the current issue of Black Belt from a guy who teaches Apache fighting.

I don't know the whole thing looks a little suspect to me. Chief Roman looks kinf of kookie.

I think he teaches "Tonto-jitsu"!!

Stanley Neptune
Originally posted by stanley neptune
There is a big ad in the current issue of Black Belt from a guy who teaches Apache fighting.

I don't know the whole thing looks a little suspect to me. Chief Roman looks kinf of kookie.

I think he teaches "Tonto-jitsu"!!

Stanley Neptune

Yea...exactly what I mean. :shrug: I have to see/experience to believe. There just seem to be too many out there trying to use "native american" as their niche, when what they do is not authentic.
I do not know this guy ( or anything about him


He is endorsed by the Dog Brothers (he is GhostDog) and a major in the Israeli Defense Force (Avi Nardia), and well as the United States Marines.

I know that the people on the above list do not play around with things that are of no use or are frauds. They look for quick, no-nonsense solutions to knife attacks.

I also saw that he uses stage blood in his training program. That is a great idea that most knife fighting schools and seminars should experiment with. I confess I was a bit freaked out at the pictures until I saw that the blood was stage blood (I did not think it was real but the point is that the sight of blood real or fake trigger something deep down). This is a missing element is many training systems. Also I think that the "bloody hands" would make holding a weapon much harder further adding to the realisim.

Just some food for thought,
Jeremy Bays
I could be wrong but I do not believe that you can serve in the US military while serving in the military of another country. In the US Military you swear to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. It might be tough being in the military of another country.

So he is an Apache that lived in Israel? What is his name Squanto Goldstein? Moshe Sitting Bull? Schlomo Running Bear?

Sounds like he is offering up the flavor of the month. He was also probably a member of the Russian Spetnatz, a Ninja, a Brazilian Wrestler and Pre World War II Combative expert.

Stanley Neptune
call me silly, but i think he meant mr. redfeather is endorsed by men in these military organiztions...
YES - I did mean that Mr. Redfeather is ENDORSED by these people.

Avi Nardia is the Israeli Defense Force Major that posted an endorsement on Mr. Redfeather's site.

Mr Nardia teaches something called Kappo but that is a different thread.

Jeremy Bays

All I can say is Koo Koo, Koo Koo, Koo Koo!

Stanley Neptune"

Its a shame Stanely that you give an opinion about a man and his material without ever training in it. I have had the great luck of training under Mr. Redfeather and I assure you that his material is second to none. In fact I have to guess that Mr. Redfeather is possibly the most impressive hand to hand combatant that I have ever met or worked out with.

I was certified under Mr. Redfeather to teach his basic knife course back in November of 03. I assure you that his training methods are effective and purely combative. I currently train filipino martial arts and I can attest that his knife work is not "renamed" kali or escrima. Mr. Redfeather is a full blooded apache who learned the art from his grandfather. Additionally Mr. redfeather teaches his blade work from experiance, not theory. This art has been tested in real combat. I suggest you e-mail him and ask him yourself.

Additionally, in the short time I trained with Mr. Redfeather, he gave me glimpses of his chinese art, which was equally impressive.

I agree that everything must be taken with a grain of salt. I too worried about walking into a class and learning Karate techniques with "apache" names, But I assure you Mr. Redfeather is the real deal. I am a certified knife survival instructor under Jim wagner, I also train in a military knife program under GM gus Michalik, and in W.Hock Hochiem's Knife-counter knife combatives. HOWEVER, If my life were ever on the line in a REAL knife encounter I have no doubt that the Apache system would be the one I would turn to.

Please as smart people, you should question everything, but in turn take the time to evaluate something properly before you make judgements.