Naginata Seminar, April 27, Exton PA



Naginata Seminar, April 27, Exton PA

Sponsered by The Martial Arts Studios LaFrance Sensei, Yamauchi Sachiko form the NY Naginata Club will teach the basics of this awe-inspiring weapon.

Cost for the Seminar is $25 and practice Naginata will be available for $5 rental fee ($70 deposit required)

April 27, 2002 12-4 PM at The Martial Arts Studio, 882 Springdale Drive, Exton PA. Call 610-524-6550.

Yamauchi Sachikos Background:

Sachiko Yamauchi started her Naginata training in 1971 at the Naginata Club of Matsuyama Shinonome junior high school. By 16 years old she had reached Shodan. She was promoted to her current rank of Kyoshi in 1996 a year after she had become age eligible. Yamauchi Sensei is one of the youngest to ever be promoted to that rank. The Naginata Federation ranking system is: Shodan (1st degree black belt) through Godan (5th degree black belt), followed by the teaching titles of Renshi (instructor), Kyoshi (senior instructor) and Hanshi (master instructor). Minimum age requirement for Hanshi is 55.

Her tournament record is also very impressive. In the 15TH All Japan Naginata High School Championship, she was the team captain of the winning team. The next year she took the paired (engi) College Championship. She continued her career in college, winning both in team competition and individually during various All Japan College Naginata Tournaments. Yamauchi Sensei was in many All Japan prefecture competitions both as a team player and as a paired (engi) kata competitor. Quite often placing in the top 10% or better. In 1989 at the 30th All Japan Prefecture Championships, she took 1st place as an individual. Thus, she has won first place in All Japan level naginata tournaments in high school, college, and as an adult.