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Kool. The more folks who post their sites (or other cool ones) here the better. :)
While I am at it. Here's a website of a guy here in town who makes custom knives. Tim Hartman would be the guy to get a real authorative perspective of the quality but myself I think that he makes some damn fine knives.

Even if you don't want to buy any I put some of his knives that he made up for viewing. He does custom work and his own work too.

Beware! Due to high demand his waiting list is long. Very long.
Don't hack on my spelling when you spell "Eh" as in the letter A with an "Ah."

"Ah" is what you do in the dentist office. "Eh" is what we say. Besides, you live in the "U S Eh."

You're my favourite "Ugly American" Renegade. Not because of the way you act. (You have great manners) but because you ARE ugly. Heh heh heh...
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There's nothing there but a picture of some weirdo on a bike!

Hey I didn't say it was a HIGH quaility site. Just that this is where he was hiding. ;)

He has links behind the graphics, some of it has interesting reads. Stuff about the "Clan of the Dog" etc... but you will note he does not go by Gou Ronin so much anymore. even the address says Systema not Gou Ronin. I wonder if he is retiring that personna??? :confused: