morning-after contraceptive

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but I figured I'd add a little info...
The reason these groups want this pill sold over the counter is that in case of rape, or even in case of "oops" (and "oopses" can happen no matter how careful one is, and they don't happen exclusively to unmarried folks either) that the person can walk into the store and buy something to reduce the chances of a pregnancy. These pills are about 75% effective (compared to 84% effectiveness for condoms used properly, and 98% for the pill, and 99.99% for the shot, so they're not a real reliable form of birth control, but at that point, its a whole lot better than nothing) and have to be taken within 72 hours. You can't always get seen by a doctor or clinic in that timeframe. The pills don't cause abortion (RU486, the abortion pill, is something different entirely, and should ONLY be used under a doctor's care, because it is actually more dangerous than a surgical abortion). The "morning after pills" are basically a high dose of birth control pills and act in pretty much the same way.

You know baby, nothing is more erotic than a woman who quotes stats...back off you guys, this one is mine.
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You know baby, nothing is more erotic than a women who quotes stats...back off you guys, this one is mine.


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