Modern Arnis Seminar-Portland Oregon

We are one week away from seminar time. I am looking forward to the training, but I haven't told Tim that it is snowing in Portland.(and I don't mean Maine.) We have had a record snowfall in the mountains, and as I type the snow is falling at my house. First time in years that I can remember snow in the valley.

Thanks for the snow!
I thought you sent the snow to make yourself feel right at home.

Don't worry though it is supposed to melt off by Monday! Oregonians don't drive well in the snow it is foreign to us.
I flew down to Miami for the day to work out some details for my supply company. It was in the high 70's. I got back at midnight and it was snowing! I hope the weather is better in Portland!

I'm looking forward to going to the left coast, I mean west coast. I'm looking forward to meeting every one out there.

Actually I think it is the RIGHT coast!

Looking forward to meeting you Sunday Datu Tim!

Pappy Geo
Have the directions been corrected on the flyer? Just want to make sure beofre I print it out and try to make my way :)


Robert K.
To: No fefe

The directions to the Filipino-American building are correct on the flier. It was the prepayment mailing address that was the problem.


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