Tim Murray

The guy is the size of a house. It's not like u could miss him if you saw him.

Seriously though, The Renegade:erg: was talking about him this week. Contact him about it.

Speaking of, I paid a visit to the Renegade's school to visit him and Big Guy. Not only was I invited to join a class and learn something but the students and the instructors were polite and fun. I had a great time. Learned some neat nasty little tricks too. :hammer: It speaks volumes about him and his students and the organization in general. What a great time I had. Not only that but I am such a whore that I slept with his dogs. That and his hot girlfriend fed me. Life is good.

Bruises and beer...yummy.
His hot GF could also turn ya into a pretzel. :D

Those poor dogs....hope ya didn't corrupt their morals...:rofl:
She deals with the Renegade:erg:, you have to be tough.

The dogs will never be the same.
He is doing well and is happy to be a part of Team Renegade!!!
:armed: :samurai: :ninja: :cheers: :drinkbeer :flame:
Why is it suddenly I keep hearing of this "Team Fat Guy?"

I'll never make the team...

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