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Nov 30, 2002
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The January 2003 issue of TKD Times has an "interesting" interview with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae. On pages 30 and 31 he tells of a firsthand experience with a telepathic woman who would only go by the name "Grandma". She dropped him with a gesture of her hand. I am astounded with this man's abilities and respect his accomplishments, BUT what in the heck is that all about!!!!

Do you think that George Dillman's Grandma is in Korea?

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It's not just George Dillman--a number of other people are doing it too (e.g. Rich Mooney).

It may be a case of "magical realism" a la Gabriel Garcia-Marquez!
I have heard this story personally from Doju Nim Ji Han Jae, and although I obviously can't authenticate a story in his life, just let me say that he was very adament about this happening, also realize that he is talking about something that happened back in the early 60's,, way before Dillman or Miss. Cleo. He was working in the government at the time and went out to see what this women was all about, needless to say he was deeply affected by her.

You must also realize that Sin Moo Hapkido involves a lot of meditation, breathing and mental exercises along with some very hardcore physical training so it is a little different than say going to your local dojang that teaches pseudo video hapkido and then running home and watching Dragon Ball Z or something like that,, two of the leading authorities on Sin Moo Hapkido that I have worked out with are Yung T. Freda and Tony Pak, GM Yung is Doju Nim Ji's longest studying student in the U.S. he started with him when Ji first entered the U.S. in 1984, and when you meet and work out with him you realize that he is much more than just a physical technician, he is very spiritual and practices many esoteric arts,,, GM Tony Pak is Doju Nim Ji's stepson and he runs a dojang in Delaware that he has personally painted parts of the Korean Bible in beautiful Hangul on the walls of his dojang, he also has old style canvas covered mats and is an awesome person physically and spiritually, he is gentle and spiritual, but you don't want to mess with him! I think a lot of times people forget that Martial Arts should and can be more than just bashing someone's skull in in self defense. That is why I love Sin Moo, it is VERY brutal but that is tempered with mental studies and spiritual practices, dudes that is what keeps you balanced as a person,

Don't get me wrong,, Sin Moo is nothing like a cult or anything, Doju Nim Ji says study with him and then make your Hapkido your own,, and conform it to your body,, so he doesn't want control of you or anything he is very practical about self defense and what works, so that is why I listen to his spiritual and meditational stories with conviction.

He has been on both sides of the Hapkido world, the good the bad the life threatening and during wartimes so when he talks about the spiritual side of life and Hapkido I listen with both ears wide open,,, take it for what you will, but go study with him while you still have a chance,, oh and one more thing,,,, don't always believe everything you have read in that article in TKD Times about claims of succesor's etc... quite a lot of that nonsense has already been proven invalid by Doju Nim Ji himself. like I say, maybe more spiritual study in Hapkido would make people not so commercial when it comes to using Doju Nim Ji's name IMHO.
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I appreciate your replies and again, I have never met Grandmaster Jae, but I know great people when I read their conversations and see their accomplishments through publications. I have much respect and though not an official Hapkido stylist, I have absorbed elements from that style through the integration of forms apps., in TKD, and Chin Na from a Bagua based style. Hapkido is not for wimps by far! It is both tough and rewarding, in my view. The energy cultivation excercises, from various disciplines, are interrelated somewhat from my limited experience and the words of leaders in this field of research such as B.K. Franzis, etc. Hatha Yoga, Bagua, the Ki in HKD, etc. are all fraut with physical sensations from hormone stimulation. The Yogis have something called Kundilini Syndrome that can happen over time or very rapidly. People start having feelings of being superhuman or they suffer from other delusions of grandeur. The student must then be tended to almost on parallel of talking someone down from a powerful acid trip. Just from some breathing forms, I have had some very odd feelings of warmth and lightness or floating that would freak out or confuse a normal person. I am aware it is just stimulation of glands and chemicals being produced that are very powerful and that can cause a person to read into the experience with a form of mysticism. I believe Grandmaster Jae is way off the scale in his ability to produce such things in his own body. I also believe he believes in his interpretation of his paranormal experience. I think it is a type of Ki Gong induced Kundalini Syndrome that slowly creeps up on and takes hold of even the strongest of wills. If I could generate the amount of Qi, hormones, energy,etc. overnight in my body that the Grandmaster experiences probably daily, I would probably think I could fly and I would literally have to be talked down .......from a high place. Could we be seeing symptoms of such a syndrome amongst the Masters who claim paranormal things or are we witnessing shrewd marketing intended for the naive? Somethings up!

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