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I recently aquired 32 of the 2" thick 3'3""x6'-6" Swain mats with the heavy duty vinyl covers. A few of them could use some repair and a few could use to be painted(it appears that 6 of them were painted a while back with a black paint of some sorts that has managed to survive a few years of abuse in a Judo school). The person I got them from couldn't remember what they had been painted with.

Any suggestions from those of you who have these types of mat in your facility would be greatly appreciated...


ps. no, I am not selling them... as a matter of fact I need 9 more of them to complete the training area in my school so if you are in a few hours drive from South Florida and have some for sale please let me know too!
You would find it very hard to find anything to adhere to any kind of vinyl covering , paints and such have not got the flexibility the mats require.
What about covering the top surface only with a vinyl covering?
Been thinking about that but I have to say the ones that were painted black about 10 years ago held the color(the mats were red originally) pretty well. They look good, like they were just painted but I know that is not the case.

There are a few that have tears in them. I think those ones I will try to recover with new vinyl. I dunno how good those will come out though as sewing material of that thickness may prove difficult.

Give me a couple of days , once i get back to work i shall make a few enquiries for you .
you can buy paint made for vinyl check with a paint store or an auto parts store or possibly even an arts and crafts store... but there is paint out there sorry i cant think of any specific brands right now...

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