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To PreOrder your MartialTalk logo shirt, please go to this page : Link Removed- Please use the link further down this message to order your shirt

Shirts are 50/50 cotton/poly, available in small to XXXL, and are $17 each. ($19 XXL and XXXL).

Quantity discounts are available.

Each shirt features the MartialTalk Unicorn(Kiren) sparing Dragon (Lung) over a stylized Yin-Yang symbol. Shirts are light blue in color. Printing is being done by a professional screen printer.

We will accept pre-orders until April 1st 2002. At that time, we will place our first order.

We accept MoneyOrders, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. No Payment is due at this time. You will receive an e-mail invoice with payment amount and options.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Bob Hubbard
MartialTalk Admin
14 preordered so far. (I'll be sending out confirmations shortly)

I'm waiting until the 1st to finalize things, so if we get enough preorders, I want to lower the price.

Anyone who orders 10 or more, there are quantity discounts available. :)

Once again, thank you.

Just a note, preorders end in 2 days. :)
Preorders extended until 4-9-02. I'm waiting on a touchup of the artwork which I've been promised by Tuesday night. Wed. Morning I'm taking the order to the printer. If everything goes on schedual, we -Should- have them by May 1st. Once I actually get the order in, I'll send out the invoices. Thank you for your patience.

Design is one sided, but you can specify if you want the design on the front or the back.

Thank you everyone. :)

I ordered the shirts today. Should have the proofs back from the shop within 2 weeks, once I ok it, should only be a few more days. They said they should be ready by the 26th, so with a little luck, I should be sending them out the first week of May.

Thank you everyone who pre-ordered. I'll be sending out the confirmations this weekend with the totals, etc. and putting up the credit card order form (hopefully) within a week or so.

Ok, I'm alittle behind on the confirmations...(bloody eye problems).

Got the proof back today, quick glance I gave it looks good. Am gonna take a better look tonite and I'll post the 'concept' pic up so everyone can see it. So far So good. :)

Go to the secure order form to see the proof. The text you see is for reference only. The only text on the shirt is a small copyright statement alongside the Kiren tail.

Whatta y'all think? :)

Secure Order Form
I sent out the confirmations tonite, so if you didn't get one, please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. I ordered extra so if you haven't preordered, goto Secure Order Form and order today. Credit cards will not be charged until I have the shirts in hand and am ready to ship.

Thank you.

Picked em up today from the printer. They look sharp. I'll post up a pic or 2 later tonite.

Everyone who preordered : If you haven't gotten a confirmation please let me know ASAP.

I'll be sending out the invoices tonite with the how-to-pay info.

New Orders : Theres a limited supply, so order early. :)

I'll have them at the WMAA camp in May for purchase.

MartialTalk Tee Shirts secure order form

I had an ISP issue, so am a bit behind tonite.

Heres the pic as promised, (its a quick shot) better pics coming ASAP. :)


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I just got my MartialTalk shirts. They look great. My postal carrier is interested in getting one. He thought the logo was impressive.

I wouldn't mind having a bunch to sell at the Portland Modern Arnis Summit.

Thanks again Kaith.
I used to own and run a business that did silk screening and embroidery etc. The work looks good.

However, it's blue. Blue? That and the logo looks like a Pokemon logo than a girl would wear on a baby tee.

Kaith, we need a t-shirt that says something for us guys. In any case I suggest that if all buy one that we can only have our wives/girlfriend's wear them if we're male.

Otherwise any beatings as a result are totally justified.
Dinnelle - Glad ya liked em. Give him the URL here if he's online, or if not, if his size is listed on what I still have available, have him pop a check in the mail to the addy on the invoice, along with his mailing info and size. :) I'll see what I have left after the WMAA camp this weekend and see what I can do. :)

Gou - Well, while the logo's designer is heavily influenced by Anime, she'd probably introduce you to a whole new level of pain for the Pokemon ref. :) "Bowing to Buda" perhaps? :D

Shirt colors/revisions/etc - Next batch, I'm hoping to mix em up a bit. I've got a few ideas for some future shirts, its the $$ that things depend on. This round cleaned me out, and still haven't hit the break even point. No worries though. :)

Anyone interested, I've got a few small and medium left, and a good number of large and X-Large. Sold out on 2XL and larger.

Thanks again.
Perhaps next time you might consider having some done up in 100% Cotton, for those of us who cannot wear synthetics??? Thanks!

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