Marine disarms armed robber


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Feb 28, 2019
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Las Vegas
Wow. Many great things shown in this video.

1. When the Marine 1st sees the armed robber there is no change in his expression or body. No surprise, no tension. He has professional, experienced self-control.

I find this the most amazing and telling thing in the video.

Reminds me of Musashi's statement that there should be no difference between one's everyday stance and combat stance. Just take it all in stride. Few can accomplish this.

2. He waits until the weapon passes him before making his move.

3. Other than the above, his reaction is immediate. Instant evaluation and no hesitation in action. Shock and awe on an individual scale. Makes the other two flee.

4. His first move is to further distance the gun hand away from him with his left and continues action with the right. (Would LOVE to have seen his follow-up.)

5. His move on the gunman puts the gunman between himself and the other robber so renders the 2nd guy out of play. (not needed as the chicken-sh*t ran.) Maybe not planned and just a result of his attack (He was a little off balance after the punch, but I'll cut him some slack.) ;)

6. A most impressive display from a true warrior.

One last note. The robbers made a HUGE tactical error. The gunman showed his weapon way too soon, beginning the conflict before his full force was in position. Had all three fully entered the store before the weapon was pulled, it may have been a different story. Then again, they were punks, so maybe not. Still, an amateur mistake.


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Mar 20, 2004
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Waiting for a self defense expert to tell us in detail how he did it wrong.

When he entered the store he was too focused on the clerk and not his surroundings. He went by the Marine without controlling him or the distance which allowed the Marine to take control of the gun and get disarmed....oh meant how the Marine did it wrong. Nothing...absolutely nothing.
Bill Mattocks

Bill Mattocks

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Feb 8, 2009
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Interview with the Jarhead in question. It's a bit confusing, but it seems he shot himself in the hand trying to unjam it.

Edit: disregard, I read it again. He just racked the slide and a 22 round popped out. I get it now.
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