Kung Fu Walk

Kung Fu Wang

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Sep 26, 2012
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Austin, Tx/Shell Beach, Ca
I have created 6 single leg balance drills to enhance balance. I call it "Kung Fu Walk". People can train this while they are walking.

You can use right leg to (the left leg will be the opposite):

1. Foot sweep I - at opponent's left foot ankle.
2. Foot sweep II - at opponent's left foot instep.
3. Front cut - at opponent's outside right leg.
4. Knife hook - at opponent's inside right leg.
5. Inner hook - at opponent's inside left leg.
6. Outer hook - at opponent's outside left leg.

Example of 1. Foot sweep I - at opponent's left foot ankle.

I usually walk 4 steps and do 1 leg skill drill. This way, it's considered as fun and not considered as hard work. Sometime I walk 4 steps and throw a hook punch (or uppercut). I like to use circular motion (such as hook, uppercut, sweep, cut, ...). I don't like to use straight line motion (such as jab, cross, front kick, side kick, ...). I believe if I drill straight line motion too many times (such as 1,000 time), it may hurt my elbow joint or knee joint (not too good for health).

Any comment?

Bill Mattocks

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Feb 8, 2009
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John Cleese did it well.

I'm sorry. It just what leapt unbidden to mind. I seriously don't anything about your art.