Kung Fu and bo-staff



Josephk said:
i don't think the weapons training is actually part of either so to say, it just kind of goes hand in hand with most traditional systems of karate. we just do everything all at once with the same sensei and students, i don't go to separate classes for each system.

Hi Josephk, I have been wondering for a very long time what the major differences are between various karate styles. Noboyd I've asked has been able to give me anything concrete, so I'm hoping that since you study these two systems you could illuminate what the differences are. Feel free to PM or e-mail me. Thanks in advance. :asian:


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Dec 17, 2003
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We've got a good staff form in Chen Tai Chi. Usually you want to train with about an 11' or so staff, but I currently practice with a 6'er.



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Feb 4, 2004
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7starmantis said:
I have seen a two sectinoal staff that could look like nunchaku however the chain in the middle is quite a bit longer than normal nunchaku. Also the staff parts were longer as well. It is used quite differently as well.


you are right there 7*...it is called Surng Jit Gwun or Sern Jeet Gwan meaning Double Section Staff or Double Jointed Stick...

as far as getting into where this nunchaku style weapon originated, i'll steer clear of that argument. although very similar to the nunchaku, it definitely looks different, and yes, it's used completely different as well.

as far as the orgin of any martial art weapon, nobody knows for sure. it's assumption, especially when it comes to any empty-hand or weapon system of Okinawa.

my apologies for adding to the apparent thread-jacking that just took place. the nunchaku posts have nothing to do with the idea behind this thread :idunno:

back to the topic at hand...good luck with your search for staff enlightenment :uhyeah: im not sure about finding a school that just teaches a system of staff fighting though. but you could definitely find a school that implements the Bo into the curriculum or even do a search in your area. some schools even hold seminars or training days open to the public on certain aspects. i know that a kenpo school in my area just recently had a training day based on the use of the staff and it was open to the public as well. as for the the systems that only teach weapons to advanced students and higher-ups; yeah, you'll see alot of schools doing that. i've never been a fan of it though but it's just the way it is i guess. i know that in the system i study, we have a different weapon for every belt level starting from the bottom, but i guess we're a rare exception :asian: