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Sep 11, 2006
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Point of order
By Mills Crenshaw - 01-28-2009 02:38 PM
Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


I respect Bob Hubbard and what he has accomplished in building this web site. It's his house and house rules should apply. Before departing I think it appropriate to explain that for me, Kenpo is not a "club." I was trained to think of Kenpo as a basic part of life. Ed Parker instilled in me a deep dedication to the principles of liberty...that the martial arts came out of a history of resistance to tyranny; and that the knowledge and skills he bequeathed to me were entrusted with the understanding that they be used for the same purpose. I was never allowed to think of what I had been entrusted with, as a game. Nor were those of us who studied under him allowed to think of it as a "sport" or some kind of social organization. It was a serious part of life. One dedicated to the preservation of individual freedom and the protection of those set upon by the bullies of the world.

Times change. Pespectives shift. I respect that. I will clean up my muddy foot prints and trundle off to commune with the other remaining dinosaurs. Thank you for your patience and your courtesy.

Mills Crenshaw


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