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Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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Ed Parker's belt on eBay?
By Roach - Mon, 28 Apr 2008 01:09:29 GMT
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Why does this not suprise me? We respect someone and their ideas so much yet we exploit them in death? What a joke. I question a whole lot going on here...starting with the ethics of the people doing this. I'll start with where did they get the belt. I mean, surely he didn't have just ONE belt. So how does a guy get Mr. Parker's belt? Where does a guy get the balls to sell a shred of cloth for such a price. So, buying this would bring me closer to Parker? Make me a stronger Kenpo guy? The seller only hopes so.

Legitimacy is the question of the day. Not only of the item being sold but the character of "Kenpo school" doing it.

$5,000 for a shard of Mr. Parker's 10th degree belt. Brilliant.

If you'd like to purchase one of your own or you have questions, feel free to contact the seller directly. Information posted below.

Stalking Wolf Studio
Manchester, NH 03102
Smilingtigerz@gmail.com (what a fitting name.)



Matthew Hayes- 5th Black ASUMUDI Master-Apprentice
Andy Lepage- 2nd Black, Instructor
Jen Hayes- 2nd Black, Instructor
Brad Linder- 2nd Black, Instructor
Joel Levesque- 1st Black, Instructor
Neil Kennedy- 2rd Brown, Apprentice (rank is not misspelled. taken from website.)

Wow, what a great example of what Kenpo is.


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