Karate in the news

Way to go, Marietjie!!!!

Hehe......that'll learn those robbers!

I heard about it this morning. I guess it's good no one told her tradional M.A. are useless;) I'm glad she put some major hurt on that scumbag.
I don't have any references for this one, as I heard about it on the radio, but there was a story about a year or so ago where a young lady iaido/kenjutsu student had someone break into her home in either the late night or early morning hours. She wore glasses, but didn't actually take the time to put them on, she just grabbed her sword and went after the guy. She knew she hit him, since she felt the connection and the guy swore a bit, then made a hasty exit.....

After he left, she got her glasses on and called the police. Seems she had taken a hefty chunk out of the guy, as she had "carved herself a steak" out of the guy's body.

They found him later at the hospital.....not too hard to find, as he was the only guy around who had been "ginsu-d".

Just another reminder that even some traditional weapons arts can still be useful....:eek:

I think thats very good news.

I could easily picture someone being dumb enough to be climbing up the side of a house into the upper story window...

When BAM! Side kick to the face knocking him down 2 stories and hurting him self severly.

Then the M.A gets out the window and does a double flip onto his chest.
I love it! I just hope she hurt him bad enough that he won't be able to sue her in civil court. Being as it's Africa, maybe she'll be lucky and he won't have the right to do so. You know if it had happened here she would be getting sued. I wouldn't take any chances, myself- the intruder would be pushing up daisies.:flame: