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has anyone hear had any format training with the Karambit, if so were? i can't find anywhere that teaches Karambit fighting.

and damn the martial way, i just want the fighting skill.
FWIW- Some of the simple techniques with a Kerambit can be found in the basic Jurus.

I have just started some Pentjak Silat training and with Kerambit trainers and its AWESOME.

Don't have any instructional tapes yet, I'm still at the "Heel/Toe" level hee-hee!
I played--emphasis on the "play"--with a few kerambits this past week and really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to learn more. Does anyone know of someone who is doing kerambit seminars?

What type/brands did you grope? ugh practice with?:D

I've hand made a few aluminum trainers to match the ones in my small collection, and every once in a while, they get broken out to train with, although most of my training is currently stick based.

They have unfortunately caught the eye of "the industry", and begun to evolve into something not a Kerambit, nor a fighting knife.

Innovation with new materials is great, but like the Katana its hard to improve on........

The Tom Kier "Live Blade" version that I own seems to fit the bill of small, deadly, and discrete perfectly.
Mr. Hartman had an assortment--a beautiful wooden training model, a plastic impact kerambit, and two edged versions, one with a much greater and longer curve than the other. I don't know the names of the blades. The wooden trainer fit nicely in my hands and I played with it extensively.

I too am stick-focused but think it's neat and would enjoy learning more about it, but I'm not the learn-from-video type. I've got to feel it.
I have found, as well as Stick Dummy, that many of the techniques for the kerambit can be found in the Djurus of Pentjak Silat, which should be of no surprise because Silat is a blade art.
What systems regularly train the Kerambit? It sounds as though Pentjak Silat contains kerambit-appropriate techniques but doesn't necessarily train it explicitly.
We train with them quite a bit. It's a bit easier, since arnisandyz has been making aluminum trainers for us to use, improving the design with each one.

I think an easy way to get a feel for the weapon is to simply substitute a kerambit in drills you may already know: palisut, tapping, hubud, picking, etc. From this, you can easily develop an appreciation of the differences between a knife and the kerambit.

Fun fun fun!

But, would say that the art you're studying truly uses it, or that you're experiementing with it? It isn't really a Filipino weapon, after all. I'm wondering which arts it is indigenous to, I guess.

They're originally from the Indonesian Archipelago, and may have migrated to the Phillipines. At least according to the sources I've viewed, inclusive of Donn Draegers tome.

I'm lucky enough to study both Penchat Silat, and FMA based on Pekiti Tersia Kali at the same school.

Problem is the brain overload with materials:erg:

Like I said above, the Jurus/ Djurus are an AWESOME gateway to discovery of practical uses of the Kerambit, or a traditional blade.

Kinda like Grad school for knifers:D
Originally posted by arnisador

But, would say that the art you're studying truly uses it, or that you're experiementing with it? It isn't really a Filipino weapon, after all. I'm wondering which arts it is indigenous to, I guess.

Thing is, FCS Kali itself is an amalgam of different Filipino systems. On top of that, one of my instructors has quite a bit of experience in Kuntao-Silat de Thouars.

So, to answer the question, I see it as experimenting with the kerambit so that our art can truly use it.

I still say just find a good training kerambit (like those arnisandyz makes...shameless plug!) and work with it. If you've done any decent amount of knife training, you should be able to develop a good feel for the weapon at the least.

Whooops forgot sumfin,

OBVIOUSLY, the kerambit is a VERY CLOSE range implement and best used based on stealth.

The traditional versions utilize a spur type /fish hook type blade to cut on both the push and pull (expansion-contraction?) of the djuru, or hand technique.

The illusion, or Majick to the opponent if that of a "Near Miss" to the intended target until the bleeding starts.

again just my 2 cents
There is formal kerambit training in Mande Muda Silat. I forget which of the sub-systems has it, but I'm pretty sure it is there. Some web research and a few personal friends recomend Steve Tarani for anything kerambit based.

I love the idea of the weapon, but have had minimal training. Just waiting for Tarani or Ray Dionaldo to come up here and give a seminar. Anyone know of any seminars that aren't posted on their websites.

By the way, has anyone at the forum been to either of the above's seminars and what was your opinion.
I've seen some kerambit material in Mande Muda Silat. Sayoc Kali does some kerambit as well.

A really good source for kerambit info is Guro Ray Dionaldo. He's got a video out on the kerambit. I haven't seen the video yet, but I met Guro Ray a few weeks ago and saw some of his kerambit work. Very impressive.

Steve Tarani has a website at http://www.karambit.com as well as two videos and a book on the subject.

The book entitled, "Karambit: Exotic Blade of the Indonesian Archipelago" published by Unique Publications is a good read. The information presented is the beginning to moderate skill level.

Jeremy bays
I've seen a Sayoc Kali instructor briefly demo it--emphasizing sequences of three quick cuts.

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