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I'm looking for 4-10 new moderators to help manage an expanded JMA section planned for launch in early June 2007.

We're looking for aggressive people who will work to build this section up, and who are interested in being there for the long haul. Passive lurkers are not what we want or need.

If you're interested, the first step is to read this: [FAQ] So you want to be a moderator? in the FAQ forum.

For those interested in becoming a moderator, we have prepared this simple application procedure.

In a PM to me send us the following information.

Please send:
  • Your real name. Full name, not just first name.
  • A phone# we can reach you at, and a couple of times that we can reach you. Please include area code, and time zone. (I'm in Eastern Time, BTW)
  • A summary of any other moderation experience you may have. When, where, if you are still there, and if not, why.
  • Why you want to mod here, and what you think you can contribute.
If you are interested in being a moderator on MT, please be forewarned, we are not looking for passive lurkers. We need active, involved mods who will commit to their sections and the site as a whole.

If you cannot commit to being a regular visitor, if 20-25 posts a week minimum sounds like way too much, if starting 3-5 new topics a week is too much work, if you can't take criticism, then the position isn't for you and you may be happier at a more relaxed level.

As you may be aware, we keep track of "problem" users. These are threads detailing complaints and comments received about you. You may not like what you read in there. You may see comments from other mods that offend you. If you cannot deal with such things, save us all some grief, and don't apply. Understand, if we accept your application and bring you on the team, -we- are already aware of all that, and will have decided that you are a good choice. In other words, it didn't matter.

Now, this may seem like a lot of discouragement. It is. Being a mod on a forum you get a lot of crap flung your way. A lot. We want you forewarned, and prepared because once we accept you onto the mod-team, we want you to stay a part of it. We don't want to fire you later, or have you quit, or simply vanish. Our goal is for a very long term relationship.

If accepted, there is a 30-90+ day trial period as we ease you in, and get you and the rest of the team in sync. Powers are granted slowly, and carefully so that you can ease into things. Ask lots of questions, and do alot of reading in the staff library.

If you have any questions on what is required, concerns, etc, please post them here. Private matters can of course be sent via PM.

Thank you.
- Bob

Do I have to be a Supporting Member to apply?
No, but it is preferred as it shows you are willing to support the site.

Do I have to be a Mentor first?
We normally promote from our mentor ranks. In some cases we look at the whole membership.

What perks do i get?
A spiffy tag, staff discounts on MT services, and all the virtual-beer you an virtually-drink at the staff virtual-bar. :D

Do I need previous experience?

What if I've been suspended before?
This is taken on a case by case basis. Last week is bad, last year, isn't so bad.

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