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Mar 4, 2002
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Connecticut, USA
Twice every year Master J.R. West has an International Hapkido Seminar in Mississippi. It is a great time with alot of great training. He has Hapkido, Kuk Sul Won, Kong Shin Bup, Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do masters and Grandmasters from around the world come in to share ther stuff.

Here is the General Info...

J.R. West's International Hapkido Seminar
March 5 - 7, 2004
Jackson, Mississippi
Open to all styles and schools
Ages 15 and up

Among the topics covered will be...
Empty-Hand Self-Defense, Weapons Techniques, Breathing and Ki Techniques, Philosophy of Motion, Advanced Techniques and Much More.

Guest instructors include...
Grandmaster Dr. He Young Kimm (Author of the popular "Hapkido Bible" and other publications)
Master Rudy Timmerman, 8th Dan, Ontario, Canada
Master Rich Hodder, 8th Dan, Seabrook, TX
Master Geoff Booth, 7th Dan, Sydney, Australia
Master Hal Whalen, 7th Dan, Boston, MA
Master Dennis McHenry, 6th Dan, Houston, TX
Master Ray Terry, 5th Dan, Campbell, CA
Master Jere Hilland, 5th Dan, Bright, IN
Master Perry Lyons, 5th Dan, Littlestown, PA
Master Don Kirsch, 5th Dan, Austin, TX
Master Joe Borucki, 5th Dan, Hampstead, MD
Master Instructor Dexter Mangum, 4th Dan, Jackson, MS
Master Instructor Javad Tavassoli, 4th Dan, Savannah, GA
Master Instructor Mark Propst, 4th Dan, Jackson, MS
Master Instructor John Lindsly, 4th Dan, Jackson, MS

What usually happens is it starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. You are given an itinerary sheet with all of the days classes/seminars on it. Each time slot runs about one to two hours. For each time slot, you have a selection of around 4-6 classes to choose from. So there is never a time where you say, well there is nothing for me at this time.

Practitioners from all over come together to get on the mat and learn. Its open, friendly and has an unbelieveable amount of information to take in. It's definitely a great experience for any "Martial Arts Junkie."

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