Indiana Self-Defense Seminar



For anyone in or around northern Indiana who might be interested, I have scheduled a seminar in Warsaw, Indiana for Saturday January 22nd. There will be a 2 hour introduction to pepper spray (OC) followed by a 4 hour hardcore self-defense seminar. The cost will be $15.00 for just the pepper spray course, $25.00 for just the self-defense course, or only $35.00 for both sessions.

What will be covered-

10am-12noon (Pepper Spray) anatomy of pepper spray, gripping the spray, body positioning, tactical movement, tactical engagement, tactical escape tactics, self-triage, and much more

1pm-5pm (Self-Defense) awareness/prevention, physiology of self-defense, psychology of self-defense, legalities, tactical escape tactics, verbal & non-verbal de-escalation tactics, physical survival skills, and much more.

Location- Nye Youth Cabin, Center Lake Park
North Buffalo Street (Dead End)
Warsaw, Indiana
(574) 269-7209

Integrated Self-Defense Systems

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Take care and stay safe,
Steve Zorn