I think it started with an H...


Nov 14, 2013
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This has been bugging me for a while now. I did wrestling in middle school (about half my life ago). There was one move I remember one of our guys used to set up a 9-second pin. I *think* it started with an H. Could have been Head, Hammer, Hang, Heimlich...I can't recall. It might not even have been an H.

The move was a throw from the standing position. From the clinch, you get the opponent in a "headlock" (except your hand is against his chest instead of wrapped around the neck, because a full headlock would have been illegal), you push into him to get him to push back into you, and then you pull back and throw him. It wasn't a flip, more of a pull-and-twist to get them to the mat.

Any idea the name of the move I'm trying to find? I've tried googling it but most sites are like "here are your 3 basic take-downs!" and only include variants of single- and double-leg takedowns. I'm hoping this wasn't a coach nickname for the move, either.