Hollywood is supporting the Bob White Invitational! Plus other great news!


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Jul 6, 2004
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In the last week we have received some unbelievable good news regarding support for the Bob White Invitational.

This week we got a call from Sony Pictures. They want to use our event to promote the New Karate Kid Movie! We are still working out the details but they are locked in and 100% behind our efforts. There is great synergy in this partnership. Our tournament is for kids to support kids. What better environment for Sony to promote the movie? Plus as many of you know Mr. White was in the original Karate Kid movie (in a performance that was reminiscent of Pacino in The Godfather).

In addition Dreamworks will be sending us Kung Fu Panda promotional items for our competitors. The potential for expanding our RFKC fundraising efforts with these connections is staggering and very exciting.

KOCE-TV has also scheduled an interview with Mr. White and a couple of our kids. They will be interviewed next week and the kids will put on a sparring demonstration. Ill let everybody know when the interview will be aired.

Finally the welcome banquet (Friday 3/12) has grown beyond our expectations. We started with capacity for 100 people but the response was so overwhelming we had to double to 200 people and we are full! The attendee list is a whos who of Kenpo (Bob White, Steve LaBounty, John Sepulveda, Tom Kelly, Dave Hebler, Chuck Sullivan, Vic LeRoux, Jeff Speakman, Ed Downey, Frank Trejo, Tom Bleecker, Paul Dye, Ted Sumner, Bob Leonard, Dan Laxson, Willy Steele, Richard Post, Bob Mitchell, Ed Parker, Jack Autry, Rich Hale, Gilbert Velez, and others). We are also proud to have other system represented with such great names as Ray Sua, Sammy Pace, Bob Wall, John Natvidad and many others. It should be a spectacular evening.

If you are interested in supporting the Bob White Invitational, please visit us at www.bobwhiteinvitational.com. All net proceeds from the weekend will be donated to the Royal Family Kids Camp http://www.rfkc.org.

I hope to see you all there.
For the kids,
Vishal Shukla
Tournament Director