"Gun toting Amtrak passengers to be locked in boxes"


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Oct 13, 2006
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Ah the joy of English! I subscribe to an site about words, they have a section called 'sic' where articles in English that are badly written/typed enough to change the whole meaning of the sentence are carried. This is from this weeks edition.

"Bill Seymour found this headline on The Speaker's Lobby blog on Fox
News on 16 December: "President Signs Bill That Allows Gun-Slinging
AMTRAK Passengers to be Locked in Boxes". It's not a mistake, at
least not by the headline writer. The bill actually specified that
passengers were to be allowed to carry guns on to trains, provided
that the guns were locked away in safes during journeys. A typing
error during the printing of the bill led to the change in meaning.
As the President has now signed the bill into law, another law is
going to have to be passed to amend the wording

The site is here, you can have the e-mag sent every week.