Grandmaster Robert Law?

According to the article, his system is called Geijin-ryu; can't say that I've ever heard of it.
Tradition of the Fine Arts. Sounds kooshy :D

Yeah, I thought so too.

I tried looking up geijin over at the Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server ( ), and I got "No Matches Found"; the closest thing thatI can find that approximates geijin is geinyu no jutsu, which is listed as "a chikairi tactic".
? OK, the last I had heard the actual instructor was a Naginata Master, some lady of the "Sato" or "Tanaka" clans. I would have checked it out just for the interest sake, but a month or so ago they wouldn't release any info. A little to secretive. I have heard of Mr Law somewhere, I think in a Black Belt mag ad. But not in realtion to Ninjutsu.

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