Goju difference between associations


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May 16, 2014
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Can anyone tell me what the differences are within the art between the different goju ryu associations. I am primarily wondering about Morio Higaonna VS Meitoku Yagi's MEIBUKAN. How much different are they?


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Dec 25, 2010
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Ive trained IOGKF (Higaonna) and Jundokan (Eiichi Miyazato) branches. They were both similar but do have differences. Higaonna added things like half stances and a Round House kick off the top of my head and changed the stances in some Kata. Its more structured everything is clearly spelled out you do XYZ and you pass. For example Bunkai had to be done a certain way step by step
Jundokan claims to be the closest to the Original Goju Chojun Miyagi started (I'm pretty sure all the branches claim this actually). Having done both I would agree in my opinion. Its less structured at least the places I trained Like Bunkai wasnt so ridgid they just wanted to see you using parts from the Kata but it wasnt W,X,Y, Z.. If you felt Y,W,X,Z worked better it was ok

My IOGKF instructor originally started in Goju Kai School for several years up to a Black Belt but then left. He said it was very different but never went into much detail