Free Seminar and Bob White Invitational Rules meeting


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Jul 6, 2004
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On Saturday February 14 Bob Whites Karate studio will host a seminar featuring Bob White and Ron Sanchez. Mr. White will be teaching the methods he has used over the years to produce his legendary stable of champion fighters.

Ron Sanchez is a 30+ year student of the martial arts who hold multiple black belts including a 5th degree in American Kenpo. Mr. Sanchez is also a 30+ year (retired) veteran of the LAPD and will teach practical, proven gun disarms as well as discuss strategic defense and tactics required to survive encounters with urban predators.

The seminar is from 10AM Noon PST on February 14 and there is NO CHARGE to attend. We will have donation boxes and all donations will go to the Royal Family Kids Camp (

We will also hold a rules meeting for the upcoming Bob White Invitational ( that same day. The rules meeting will be from 1:00 PM 2:30 PST at BWKS. If you are interested in being an official at the BWI or the Long Beach Internationals we urge you to attend.

The 4th Annual Bob White Invitational is coming fast and we are on track for a great day. The Kenpo Community has really come together to support this event and all net proceeds will be donated to the RFKC.

If you have any questions please email me or contact BWKS.

Thank You,
Vishal Shukla