Former NSA Director Calls for Iraq Withdrawal



When a right-wing thinktank criticizes Bush's policies, you *know* they're screwed up.

Some key quotes:

"Critics will warn of all the untoward implications of withdrawing. Civil war in Iraq, the breakup of the country into three smaller ones, Iraq becoming a base for terrorist groups and others. All of these things may happen, but most of them will occur even if U.S. forces remain. It has become an “internal war”, one the United States cannot win without destroying something like 20 percent of the population and imposing a ruthless U.S.-run regime in Baghdad. Failure to recognize that the nature of the war has been transformed will lead to a much larger defeat for the United States in the longer run."

"The U.S. unilateral initiation of the war in Iraq has come close to breaking the Atlantic Alliance. Gaining an Iraq of any form is not worth losing Europe."

"The Bush Administration seems to have failed to grasp the nature of U.S. power while underestimating its extent when properly used."