Folders ~ Best knives for combat purposes?


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Jan 16, 2006
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Stan said:
Many people here are discussing the legal advantages of a folder, but I'm curious; do you know of any jurisdiction where a folder is more legal than a fixed blade of exactly the same blade length?

I'm guessing that question is directed at me by the comments that I made. :)

"More legal" is a question best answered by a qualified attorney. I was very careful to not use the word "legal" in my post.

More likely to draw the ire of law enforcement is yet another story. As anyone that lives here can testify, Massachusetts is not a weapons-friendly state. The local police chiefs have quite a bit of say in who packs what, as well as what laws they choose to bring charges on or not.

For anyone that lives outside of Massachusetts and wants to bring a weapon IN to Massachusetts, my words of advice would be...unless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has issued you a Massachusetts Non-Resident License To Carry and you have said license IN YOUR HANDS, leave your guns at home. If you bring a knife within our borders, be EXTREMELY careful.


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Aug 28, 2001
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Blindside said:
B. Carry concealed or unconcealed on his or her person any dangerous
knife, or carry concealed on his or her person any deadly weapon
than a firearm;

No deadly weapon other than a firearm? Dammit Spock, where's the logic in that?


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Oct 29, 2001
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JeffJ said:
Has anyone tried, or seen in use that "sheath" for folding knives that opens the blade as you pull it out? I'm pretty sure it's made by CRKT.


Emerson has one as well, take a look at the videos that come link to this site:

And although I have an Emerson, I don't really see the need for this system as my knife is waved.

Don Roley

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Sep 25, 2002
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Grenadier said:
I recommend Spyderco's Delica knife (any of the options). This is a very easily concealed knife, and that the blade is an excellent one, backed by Spyderco's lifetime warranty.

The blade is 2 7/8", which is plenty long enough for combat purposes, should you need to use it, but at the same time, the knife all but disappears into a front pants pocket, or is easily clipped to the pocket, with only a very slightly noticeable clip showing. It can be rapidly deployed, and to me, I see no difference in the speed of deployment between this and the assisted opening ones.

I have got both the Delica and a Kershaw assisted opening knife and I can tell the difference. The Kershaw is also easier to open under stress or frozen fingers.

But I carry the Delica most of the time. If you have a friend with the right tools, you can add on one of those "wave" notches on them and that makes the assisted- opened- Kershaw look tame. And my friend even got it so that the notch can be used as a bottle opener. Very usefull for me and a great excuse in case the Japanese police want to know what the hell it is.

Again, if I was expecting trouble I would not carry a folder. I would probably go for a rifle if I could. Sadly the laws of most places tend to frown on that. :mp5: And even the self defense tools I have like OC spray and my ASP baton get left home most of the time due to them being dead weight for 99.99999999 percent of my life. But the Delica is a useful thing to have, especially with my bottle opener. :drinkbeer

Brian R. VanCise

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Sep 9, 2004
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Don Roley said:
But the Delica is a useful thing to have, especially with my bottle opener. :drinkbeer

Useful and practical. You definately have to like that.

Brian R. VanCise