FMAT: The Wonders of Kali

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Sep 11, 2006
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The Wonders of Kali
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:20:57 GMT
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FMA is not about Kali. Arnis or Escrima. FMA is culture. It is the art behind the art. It is discipline. a philosophy, it is customs and traditions, it is an ideology, it is healing , it is metaphysics, it is not religion or cultism.

What makes the Filipinos blend to the world of civilization. 40 years ago if you are in the mainland USA and you happened to meet someone and you told him or her that you are from the Philippines, the first question was , where is that place. we never heard of it. First Philippines is a third world country . Philippines is not as popular as Hawaii or China but a spread of 7,100 Islands not until the Filipinos migrated to the US and to Europe because there was a need of skilled workers and professionals.

What made the filipinos a major player in the field of Medicine, Maritime, Engineering, art and culture, music and beauty of women.?

What made the Philippines chosen by the United States as the best strategic Islands in the Pacific as the fortress of the US airforce and Naval forces in the Pacific. What made the United States businessmen invested their fortune in the Philippines that controlled 51% of all investments more in the technology and food industries.

What made other countries invest heavily in the Philippines in the mining industry, cyber technology , trading and others.

What made the Philippines today as one of the fruit baskets of Asia.

Philippines is the only Christianize Country in Asia. 98% are all English Speaking filipinos, 98% are mostly educated,there are colleges and Universities in the Philippines compared to other Asian Country.

All of these were attributed to the Cultural discipline known as Kali :

A. Kali as a Philosophy of the early forefathers\
1. They believe in life, they don't believe in death
2. They believe in success, they don't believe in failures
3.They believe in good health , they don't believe in sickness

B. Kali as a word of respect as prefix Ka-meaning Sir, your Highness or Excellency , or your honor, your majesty.

C. KA as in the Filipino alphabets A BA KA DA

D. KALI as a prefix :Kalipayan-happiness, Kalisud, sadness or kalibutan as the world ,etc.

E. Kali as a landmark: Kalibo in Panay Kalinga Apayao as in the far North of Luzon
F. Kali as used as Katipunan K K K as a symbol of the revolutions.

Kali as a sacred art of the filipino fighting culture.


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