FMAT: The secret of Pekiti-Tirsia

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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The secret of Pekiti-Tirsia
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Tue, 16 Oct 2007 22:42:23 GMT
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For all these years many had wondered how Pekiti-Tirsai differs from the rest of the FMA. There are many avenues of history that contributes to the mystery of Pekiti-Tirsia.

Pekiti-Tirsia by virtue of its legendary past from 1897 to the present time had not deviated to the fundamental truth as a real system of the Tortal family of Negros Occidental Philippines. It was carefully preserved even among the Tortal brothers because the PTK system is a well studied system perfected by the efforts and sacrifices of the Tortal brothers to test and go to dangerous laboratory testing in the field of encounters that for every one technique it cost lots of lives. Those early years of Spanish occupancy with atrocities drove all the filipino families to fortify themselves with the hiddden technology under the doctrine of kali.

Pekiti-Tirsia, the chosen name was well studied and spiritually prepared by the Tortals old family that the name Pekiti-Tirsia must blend with the Principles of 12. So Pekiti-Tirsia has 12 letters significantly aline with the breath of life timed as 12 hours during the day and 12 hours at night. With the period of 12 and 12 life must continue to exist within the human body.

The Principles of 12 is also present in the body as there are 12 cranial nerves but blended to the Solar system of 12 planets. The Principle of 12 maybe stranger to the people in escrima or arnis but most of them used the 12 as numbering system only to indicate the target area.

But PTK principle of 12 is classified as the breather of the human body. It denotes presentation of targets not to kill the person but to save lives. Healers touch is within the principles of 12 or the life support sytem of a human being is the principle of 12.

To the PTK, 12 represent the Clock System that in the course of training , one must forcused on the time. Any deviation from the 12 it will endanger your life.

The secret of Pekiti=-Tirsia is revealed in the teaching skill " how to teach with teaching how to learn and learning how to teach.

The art of teaching PTK is non-conventional, non-orthodox, it teach how to forget instead to remember.The more you learn the more you seemed to forget.


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