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Sep 11, 2006
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Thank you GT Gaje
By Combative Edge - Tue, 18 Mar 2008 16:08:09 GMT
Originally Posted at: FMATalk


So I normally don't like to stir **** up, and this is not meant to bash other styles. This is meant for the PTK students of GrandTuhon Gaje to realize how lucky we our.

Look at the prices that the Sayoc group is charging for this seminar...

$500 US prepaid by 5/15/08 for 1 or 3 days of training only. $675 after 5/15/08
$100 Additional for the RSVP Hidden Agenda Training on Friday July 4th
Sayoc Instructors add: $125 annual renewal fee and $75 annual membership
Lunch (3x) and Water is included.
Gatorade will be for sale. Non-participants will be charged $50 for lunches

Here is what the Atienzas charge.....

* Public class rates: ( 4 classes per month, 1 1/2 hours per class )
Per student: $300 per month

* Private Rate: ( Up to four people allowed in a private session )
$300 per hour

Thank you GT.


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