FMAT: Filipino Blood for sale will be a deadly karma

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Sep 11, 2006
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Filipino Blood for sale will be a deadly karma
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Mon, 24 Mar 2008 08:21:53 GMT
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Thank you guys for posting the costing of Sayoc and Atienza. I didn't realized that their cost is expensive than one sack of rice in the Philippines. These two groups were just kids when I started in New York City in the early 70's,.as a matter of fact the father of Cris Sayoc and his brothers including his sisters studied with me for many years and to include the father of the Atienza brothers. After my absence in the US in the 90's knowing that I was not around they took a position to tell the people in the US that they have their own family system including the Atienza brothers. I would say that these two families had made a way in telling people about their fathers fathers, having no way to make a living but to tell the people different history inorder to earn a living. These charges are rediculous thinking that it can make them rich and happy forever. The filipino culture is not for sale nor to be taken advantage. kali is a sacred art. A filipino art is a the blood of the forefathers. While the filipinos are suffering in poverty and the families who survived in many atrocities are still as of today continued to live in poverty, the art is still alive in many hinterlands and not even one of them go out and tell the foriegners that they should learn from them and pay them like the cost of the Atienzas and the Sayocs. What these do to contribute to the Philippines as a symbol of gratitude having the kali as their means of livelihodd .Did they keep it as sacred and honorable. It requires a lot of diplomatic effort to convince an old man to teach someone with the condition that you have a good character and intention.The great healer in the Philippines who had healed a lot of people never tell the patient to pay upfront in a certain amount but rather after the treatment you put any amount in a box as a donation. It is a strick No NO for a healer to charge upfront and even to recieve money with his own hands..

A healer and a man of wisdom who teaches the true culture are in the same level of belief following the tenets of metaphysical power. Any violation one loses the power to heal and a power in the use of the art of kali in its right perspectives.

When I was begining a class in New York City those who started with me I never require any one that the fix pay is set of a certain amount. The money given was the result of the seminar and no personal charges. the Father of Atienza brothers and the Father of Sayoc and even the Sayoc families never pay me for what I taught them. I can say that because they are still alive and I am still alive. The wife of Edgar Atienza knows that and the even the sisters of Cris Sayoc and if the mother is still alive can witness to that effect.

Now that they flagrantly charges students that is their own way of making a living. Of this recession in America and the cost of living is getting worst I hope they can still pay the Sayocs and the Atienzas higher cost. The have a golden techniques to teach that makes it expensive. So go with them and make them rich.

But they don't know that the art is sacred it has the good things but it has also the bad things so keep it that way , The Karma is just around the corner.


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