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Sep 11, 2006
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Mockery of the FMA
By franci1911 - Sat, 12 Apr 2008 05:40:04 GMT
Originally Posted at: FMATalk


I thought this FMA Forum is fair and descent in all dealings with the people that are contributing to the issues on relevant to the name FMA. This article of Dekiti-Tirsia is a culpable violation of the ethics of the forum . It is a challenge and because of this , this is tolerated by Mr. Tim Hartman. Why don't you suspend this issue.

But for the benefit of the those who wants a response , Grandtuhon Gaje permitted me to print the response under the following structure.

Rules of the Competition:

Only FAther and Son Jerson Tortal vs. Gt Leo Torta Gaje Jr and Rommel Tortal at the scene , no one is allowed .

Step One : location Inside the Special Action Force Commandos Command Center Sta. Rosa laguna.

Step Two; Dekiti Tirsia vs Pekiti-Tirsia

Step Three:

Pekiti-Tirsia Ginunting vs Dekiti-Tirsia Disarming empty hands as shown in video Sword Disarming

Pekiti-Tirsia Knife Vs. Dekiti-Tirsia Knife Disarming empty hands as
as taught by Dekiti-Tirsia

STep Four : Stick to Stick : Full contact first hit wins

Step Four : Double stick : Full Contact surrender policy no time limit, no referre no judges

Step Five:

Search and Search Challenge:

Father and Son must be in Jolo on june 14 . Gt Gaje and Rommel Tortal will meet them at the Airport.

Rule A; Father and Son will be brought to the north side of Jolo crossing the Jungle and GT Gaje and Mandala Rommel Tortal will be in the South side crossing the Jungle . Each one will seek for each other and those who comes out from the Jungle after 3 days will be the real family system.

Rule B. No legal liabilities no waiver no responsiblity.

No one is allowed to join or see the adventure a true filipino tradition.

Rule C. If you meet this procedure June 15 ,2008 father in Son and GT Gaje and Rommel Tortal will be pick up by the Force Recon Marines at the designated meeting place and will driven to the final resting place to refresh for the special event.

No other changes this is final. Take it or leave it.

If the system is correct then this is the real test.


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