FMAT: Good Conceptual Knife Resource (DVD)?

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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Good Conceptual Knife Resource (DVD)?
By NJMMADude - 08-08-2009 12:30 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I've been looking to find a good dvd that would be a resource for general FMA knife concepts and techniques. I was looking for something that would be a good fit for a general, reasonably broad system like Modern Arnis or the Inosanto Method, because since I am still a beginner, I am more interested in how the concepts and movements are the same across weapons. I have a pretty good grasp on the fundamental stick concepts and movements (and also basic sword), but haven't crossed them over to knife yet. I was originally looking at Lynn Thompson's Warrior's Edge DVD series and also some of James Keating's vids (I was checking out knifecraft I-III and/or Drawpoint I-III), but would really like to hear others' opinions and recommendations first, before making the investment. Thanks for any help you can give.


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