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  • Hey Blood its Mook how ya goin mate , you don't have to worry about asking your Master about Beau.
    If he's still in Sydney he might be in the phonebook , jeez I'm a dickhead overlooking the obvious , anyway if I can't locate him that way , I still might need your help , but I'll see how I go , sorry to bother you mate.
    Hey Blood its Mook , how ya going bro , I hope you weren't too affected by the big earthquake over that way.
    Listen I remember you said you were an instructor at Sifu Kevin Earls school , one of my main instructors and mentors at Sifu Jim Fung's academy in Sydney was Instructor Beau Bouzaid do you know him ?
    Sifu Kevin was Instructor Beau's master when Beau lived in New Zealand before he moved to Aussie and started at Sifu Jims , in fact I saw your Master too once when he came to the academy to see Beau , he was rather tall and had long hair .
    I would have introduced myself but I was a lowly pleb at that stage and I figured he must of been someone important , this was way back in the early or mid 90's I think.
    Just wanted to know if Beau was still in Oz or did he move back to Nz because I would like to train under him again.
    I see you haven't got any friends in your friends box you poor bastard lol '
    I'll be your friend , us southern hemisphere people have to stick together.
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