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There has been a lot of commenting about sport, combat and south Korean military TKD. What does combat TKD do differently than sport that makes it better or more effective? I found a site that promoted TuKong Moosul. This is said to be the martial art taught to South Korean Special Forces. This organization doesn't seem to teach much more except more theory/philosophy and wespons, but I would expect that from a art for the military. Thoughts and opinions?

Mountain Sage
Seems like it's probably legit. The site gives a lot of information and doesn't make any of the usual McDojo claims about turning you into some hardcore killing machine.

It's really looks like more a compilation of a variety of traditional arts than it is a combative form of TKD. Looks like they've tried to incorporate a little bit of everything that the Korean military could find. And I think it's interesting that they teach they Taeguk forms and also train in sportive TKD. That's probably to give civilian students something to compete in outside of their dojang.

I'd be interested in trying out a class or two if they had school in my area.

As for self-defense oriented TKD vs. sportive TKD: if you have a good teacher, the difference shouldn't be all that big. In competiton, you have rules to follow. If you've been properly trained, you should be able to stop following the rules when you need to.

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