Empire State Building?




So there's 2 strangers sittin at a bar havin a couple of drinks. After gettin a little buzzed one guy says to the other "Ya know that at this time of night if you were to jump off the Empire State Building, the wind currents would bring you right back to the roof." Of course he didn't believe him but after getting totally drunk the two of them were on the roof of the Empire State Building. So the guy says "Ok go ahead and jump". Guy jumps off the top of the building and swoooooooshhhhh. He landed back on the roof. So to prove his point he does it a couple of times and always lands on the roof. Now the other guy had no choice but to try it. He takes a couple of steps jumps and woooooooooooshhhh, the guy lands SPLAT on the pavement. So the other guy goes back into the bar and the bartender says "Ya know Superman, you could be a real ****Head when you're drunk."

Not sure I remember.....heard it a long time ago. Glad ya like it. :)

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