Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

  • Yes, I can trace my training lineage back to the founder.

  • Well, I am vaguely aware about some of the people who taught my instructor(s).

  • No, but I would like to know.

  • Who cares? I am only interested in my training under my current instructor(s).

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Apr 26, 2022
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I come to you with only kenpo karate I have no weapons should I be forced to defend myself my princeables or my honor should it be a mater of life or death right or wrong then hear are my weapons Kenpo Karate.

James Mitose, William K S Chow, Edmond Parker, Al Tracy, Dennis & Dale Freeman, Me.

To all the warriors to all the scholars to the late Grandmaster William K S Chow and to all the masters that came before him may we remain back to back defending our country for all time.

James Mitose, William K S Chow, Edmond Parker, Ralph Castro, Genero Jose. Me.
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Sep 15, 2022
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I've only watched Kempo online & it just looks like a flurry of fast (circular?) Movements which seems overly artistic .
Like striking out in a flurry hopefully hitting something. I think Ed Parker definitely Was an interesting man but I'm more interested in direct, clean technique with no fancy BS.
It may well be that my Analysis is way off ...
It's just if I want to smash a guy in the face I don't need all the hand waving or face pulling