Dispelling misconceptions about Taoist Tai Chi


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Nov 15, 2012
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Here's a pretty good video of the Taoist Tai Chi 108 form: Our Founder Master Moy demonstrates Taoist Tai Chi arts. - YouTube
As you can see there is a lot of obvious stretching, like a single whip (for example) has some lean-forward. I know that breaks the basics of Yang, but that's the nature of Moy's style.. Its physical health implications are found by new students fairly quickly; it is a very accessible form for that reason. None of the stretches are unnatural/too 'yogic' though. The intention of the stretch is for strengthening inner organs like practices of qigong. The psycho-spiritual benefits come gradually.
Other movements in the form like wave hands like clouds, snake creeps low, and golden rooster are more recognizable Yang. I know some people who started their training with the TTCS and eventually made the transition to traditional Yang fairly easily.
I wish there was a video of the lok hup online. I know that would showcase Mr. Moy's skill more than the 108 Taoist Tai Chi. I never knew Mr. Moy, but I've seen some of his students (the current advanced instructors) lead lok hup sets and it's impressive.

All respect buddy but from the clip presented that really is not very good Tai Chi there.
Fair enough none of us can tell what's happening 'inside' but the moves on display aren't necessarily best conducive of Qi flow.

cloud dancing

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Jan 4, 2014
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Connections to Liu Ho Pa fa are tenuous at best.
currently Hwa yu is being taught by spureme exalted grand master umpah poo bah and
does not slightly{ look at first 24 sets} similar to what Old Man Li taught us
We never learned any hard style techniques.I've even called/talked with one instructor'and his comment
was"No of course not Li never tuaght hard forms.these ahve been added by present grand ??????
so with what I ve been blessed to learn -I do not want study "Temple Style' which historicly neer existed
people are getting healthier and bless them for helping the sick but /with time I will finish writing \
my own series of 24 techniques for HEALTH.simply24 as today most have no patience to learn Chen Man
Cheng style nor to learn Hwa Yu.so I've takens sets from Hwa and Short Yang to simplify with only 24.
for health with somartial arts applications.?Simple moves that with repetition will increase immune system.Raise level of chi/geng inside each person willing to invest 1 hour daily for his/her own health.
I've several times been confronted,yet was able to calm or confront person wanting /,from anger with wife,job,life of pain /energy from eyes & talk to move from anger back to stable mind with no harm. Raja Yoga PremRawat youtube.42 years I've learned about PEACE.