DF: Go Ju, Uechi, and Shorin, questions?

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Sep 11, 2006
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Go Ju, Uechi, and Shorin, questions?
By Darthmaul - Thu, 06 Dec 2007 03:22:59 GMT
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Hi, I was wondering, what are the differences between Go Ju Ryu, Uechi Ryu, and Shorin Ryu? Does one have more White Crane influnce over the other? Do they all do the sanchin Kata? Is one more harder on the body? Do they all incorporate some throws and locks?

Well I am looking to get back into Karate. I used to do Shoto Kan years ago. I was kind of looking for something different. Okinawan Karate looks pretty cool. I like the White Crane influnce (would take that, but no schools around) and the hard and soft aspects. I am also in my upper 30's. I hear there are not really that many high kicks or deap stances. I also hear there are some joint locks and throws (sounds like to me making it more rounded). Oh, and I need something that gives me a good workout.

It's been a little hard finding out the differences. Go Ju I probably know the most of, and did try a class years ago. I see there is some locks in it, and the sanchin kata looks a lot like white crane. I also here they do some exercises like push hands (I have done tai chi). Oh but I also hear that sanchin might be bad for your blood pressure. I dont have a problem, but hate to cause one.

Shorin Ryu, all I get is that it is just like Go Ju. Is that right.

Uechi Ryu, actually I just came across it. It looks kind of interesting. They do not do as many Kata's as the other ones. It is newer, so I hear some stuff is changed in it. I also here is is very self defence oriented (do not know why that was said, that is all I read). Then I also hear that its roots are very close to white crane, but then I read somewhere else that it is not cause it is a newer style, so it is actually farther away from the white crane influence.

Well any info would be great. I am going to start to look at some schools, but I wanted to have an idear of what I am looking at before I go.



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