DF: East Coast "Real Contact Stick Fighting" Sparring Day

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Sep 11, 2006
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East Coast "Real Contact Stick Fighting" Sparring Day
By ryangruhn - 01-11-2009 10:04 AM
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East Coast Inhabitants,

We are looking to have a day of hard sparring February 14th at my gym in State College, PA to help our fighters ready themselves for the April gathering. Right now we have around five people looking to fight in April from all different weight classes. Our plan is to get a number of schools from the east coast and mid-west to come and train for a day, spar, hang out, etc. We want to make the matches as close to Gatherings style as possible while still keep people safe and keeping it in the realm of "sparring" and not fighting. However, we also want to have everyone push themselves and wear minimal protective gear and use larger diameter sticks. We also have both a cage and ring to hold the matches in so we will be able to get twice as many matches in during the day if need be.

We would like to avoid WEKAF head gear and instead use fencing masks. We would also like to limit the hand protection to equal to or lighter than street hockey gloves. However, if wearing more protection is the only way you would be willing to spar we can deal with it. We simply want to avoid any non-realistic behavior due to protective gear.

Please post back if you are interested and as soon as we drum up some interest we will set a date that works for everyone. We have about three other schools interested in joining us so far. Please don't be shy, come and spar so we can all make ourselves better! Any questions feel free to email me at ryangruhn@hotmail.com.

And yes, you read right; Valentines Day.


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