Controlling And Dominating the Opponents Center


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Jan 30, 2009
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With this simple idea of taking the opponents space not with hands but with your body you can dominate and better control your opponent movements.

Old MA saying said, "It's better to be inside than to be outside. It's better to be on top than to be below."

To have both arms inside of your opponent's arms always give you the advantage.
This reminds me of something that I've heard a long time ago about occupying your opponent's space.
No issue. In WC your goal is to drive through the opponent and dump them on the ground. Sweep,throw etc WC is not boxing in the western sense . It is fighting skill and focuses on the standing grappling range . That is why the focus on accepting and manipulating incoming force. You have to be able to throw sweep stomp and at the same time prevent those things from being done to you. People focus on the hands but older WC focused on the legs.
The issue is what will you do with it when you have occupied your opponent's space.
If you occupy your opponents foot space then you can interfere with the footwork that they need to use for strikes. This will either force them to take a longer step around your foot, or gives you the opportunity to break your opponents root.
One will need to train at least 4 basic leg skills to attack his opponent's

- right leg from outside.
- right leg from inside.
- left leg from inside.
- left leg from outside.

Now we get into the 4 sides principles.
Yes, these show up in our dummy and weapons forms. although they are referenced in the 3 hand forms

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