Code Orange....


Apr 17, 2002
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At an OP in view of your house...
You'll all hear it on the news tonight, but early this morning our on Homeland Security Advisory System, the threat for a terror attack has raised to orange, which is one below code red today. IF (and remember, I said IF) anything is going to happend, it is most likely going to be a "soft" target, like a hotel, for example. This could be overseas or domestic. They estimate that IF anything happends, it most likely will happend between 2/8 and 2/14, the end of "Hadj," a Muslim holiday of some sort.

I've known this since early this morning, but I just figured I'd post. Just don't panic like the investors did today, however. (the market tanked.....again). Of course, it tanked over all this week without the "code orange" excuse; that was just the "excuse of the day."

Sorry, just lamenting, and I thought I'd say somethin.'

Luckily for me, I'm flying cross-country tomorrow and staying in a hotel for a week. Sheesh!
So, how many more of our rights n liberties does 'Orange' remove?

I believe "Red" means, "Get in the box, game over man, All your base belong to the Bushman! CooCooKaPikaChu!".

OMG! I just realized....we -CAN- balance the budget!

All we need is Bush Cabinet action figures....

GI-Cheney with Kung-Fu Grip.
President Bush with Enron-Busting Power Kick

and the Evil Osama-Yer-Mamma Bin Ladden, with authentic Afghany cave finding ability!

Coming soon..... Saddemy Whose-Sane with the power of SCUD (caution, may emit noxious fumes)

Keep in mind that I am not a big Bush fan, and that many would consider me liberal.....but....

I feel that this "code orange" crap is designed to add to the evidence that we should go to war. Understand, that we will be at war very soon, and the administration needs to be able to justify it to the U.N., and the public. This code orange is all part of the justify quick 2 year or less war that will possibly raise the economic conditions here, which will allow Bush to get re-elected next election.

Nobody goes against the president at a time of war. That would be "unpatriotic."

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but understand that there are a lot of behind the scenes crap, and alterior motives involved in this whole thing.

Meanwhile, unemployment is up by 2 million since the new administration, the economy sucks, and our homeland security is underbudget. We won't worry about that though, we'll cut some more taxes and send over some more troops.

Sorry, I'm venting, and I've already said too much.

This is Paul Janulis....signing off....

I keep forgetting why were at war....wonder how many folks are gonna die this time around to serve as a reason?

See my previous comments in the 'war' thread as to why this is all so much BS on the part of our so called leaders.

As a soldier, I have the distinction of having much of my politics decided for me, whether I agree with them or not.

I watched a documentary on HBO today about the poverty and illiteracy in Mississippi, and we are sending school supplies to Afghanistan.

I see inconsistencies like this, and inside I rail against them. However, things are as they are.

Terrorist extremists have decided they are going to see if the big dog in the doghouse in the backyard really has a chain or not. They want to flick him in the nose, piss in his doggie dish, and see how much they can get away with.

Effeminate and wine-soaked France doesn't want to get involved. Germany wants to hold hands with France. Once again, the US steps up to take care of the dirty jobs (admittedly the ones we are interested in doing, sometimes at the cost of other similar situations going unattended to).

If we allow these psychopaths to go unaddressed, then later on, when something really bad does happen, the world will ask why the US stood by and did nothing when they had the chance...

I'm not going to debate with you fine gentlemen the nature of your politics. But since those of us in uniform get sent whether we want to go or not, whether we agree or not, please do us all a favor and show us your support. While the Gubmunt may not care where your real allegience lies, we do. If we think you are against us, you make a hard job just that much harder...

You make very valid points.

I want to be clear on 2 points:

1- I do not agree with the reasons for this war, at this time. I use my right of free speech, which has not been revoked yet to say the reasons I have seen do not justify it. Show me better reasons, and I will.

2- I have nothing but respect for all members of our armed forces. You are the reason why I can disagree with those in power and not end up dead or worse. My Great grandfather served in WW1. My grandfather served with Patton. A cousin served in the Pacific in WW2. Another uncle served in Europe in WW2. He lost a leg there. Another Uncle served in Vietnam. My family counts several LEO's among them. 2 of my GF's instructors have served, 1 most recently in Afhganistan.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for them. It is because of this, that I do not wish to see their lives wasted.

When this war comes, which it will, it is just when.... They have my full support, and hope that they all come home safe, and sound.

Please, never mistake my questioning for a lack of respect to those who serve.

Regardless on if we agree with war, we should never turn our backs or hearts on those who serve, and often times pay with their lives to protect the freedoms we all enjoy here.

yeah there is a big diffrence in being against a plan of action or a war and being against soldiers (at leaste in my mind). Just because I don't tihnk we should be in a war doesn't mean I'm pissed at those who are fighting, on the contrary genneraly part of the reason I would be against a given military action is because of the risk to our people.
Originally posted by PAUL
This could be overseas or domestic.


Is that your way of saying Britain is gonna get bombed :shrug:
Why not? Have a carbomb go off new the Tower, and suddenly a population thats very anti-war wil be more willing to fight. The only question is, would you Brits blame AlQeda or the IRA? Or are they now being portrayed as 1 in the same as so many other groups are to the US population.