Chuck Zito.


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Aug 28, 2001
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Terre Haute, IN
Actor and stuntman Cuck Zito, best known for his role on the HBO drama "Oz", has a book out in which he shows a picture of himself in karate uniform and another picture with his "arnis sticks" as he puts it:

Does he practice a FMA or was he just posing with a weapon he thought looked good?
Is that who he is?
I know I live in a cave... I heard once that he was van Damme's bodyguard for a while, and one night van Damme smarted off and Mr. Zito slapped him to the floor so hard that the next day Jean-Claude flew to Belgium and stayed there a while. I guess that was the end of that gig. :)

I heard he was a tough guy but I don't know what he might study. :confused:
If you go to his site ( and look under news you'll find several newspaper articles on it. He laid him out with one punch in a nude dance club.