Well you still deserve it, however you want to look at it. Pal Dan since the 80's? Time in Grade ALONE should warrant your Ku Dan! :) All the best Kwang Jang Nim....
Dear Rudy:

Many thanks for characterizing your nineth dan for what it is. I hope people other than myself realize what an act of Character this is. A great many people who have either been assigned this rank, or assigned it to themselves, often fail to represent it as an administrative rank, leaving it to the less informed to conclude that you have achieved some technical ability akin to walking on water. I suppose people wonder why it is that I often single you out for the value system you follow, but there are so few who actually live what they preach, so you can expect I will continue to 'pick-on" you.

BTW: Please let me add my congratulations to your recent honor (and additional responsibilities). I'm sure your kwan will be a credit to the KMA--- cuz look whose in charge!!! :asian:

Best Wishes,

Thanks again guys.:) Like I said, I'll still be the same old man doing what I love to do as long as there are folks who want me.

many congrats for your promotion and for the humility you have shown on this thread regarding it. This is what MA's are about and you have shown great modesty and spirit.

My respects,
Hello Moo D:
Thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I make it; but, I always TRY to live by what we teach. :)
Chris from CT said:
You may already know this, but Kwon Bup is the Korean translation for Kempo. (I just found that out a little while ago and wanted to share)
Sir, where did you hear that? I speak no Korean, but we call our "basic exercises" or "basic combinations" Kwon Bop???

One of these days, I'm going to learn to speak Korean!!!:idunno:

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