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At my school we have like two months were every class has to do something that can help raise money for charity. I was thinking about doing something to do with Muay Thai, like the other students good pay a small amont of money for 5 minutes on the thai boxing pads. But I am not quite sure about doing this because I don't know what type of attitude I might get back from the other students. I don't want them to have a bad idea of Muay Thai or I don't want other students going away thinking they're amzing at Muay Thai from all of that five minutes of superb training ! LoL

Please could you give me any ideas if you have any, anything would be helpful or advice to do with my idea. Thanks.
Some people think there amazing any way.
For chairaty any thing posative is Good.
Even Mauy Thai tranning.
I think U should try if
it doesn't work U can blame Me
Or never do it again
You shouldn't do anything dealing with sparring for charity unless it's with two skilled people who both aren't trying to win yet looks good. So the sparring match would be neutral with no winner. If you put two new people to spar, one of them is going to lose.

Rather, do some fun drills. No conditioning and no conditioning of the shins. That should come after they become more dedicated. But some useful things you can teach people about the sport and self-defense
From What i read in the top letter
Sparring was never mentchioned.:snipe2: :snipe2: :redeme:
I like these little characters
I agree with MartialArtist, no actuall sparring, maybe some "show" sparring or so.

Just my opinion,

I agree no sparring.
But i never saw it printed in the to letter:drinkbeer :boxing: :wavey:
anamation is cool
we need more
OK, animation is cool unless is the bigass redeemer that chops up your crappy connection at work! :D
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