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Feb 3, 2010
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I consider myself a catch guy; a lot of the stuff I was physically taught filtered down to me through the Satoru Sayama-Yori Nakamura system through the persons of Scott Han, Matt Shaw and some others. Used to train at Dan Severn's place.

Mostly though, so much of what I have learned comes from my wrestling background and all the DVD's, VHS tapes and books from guys like Masa Funaki's instructional books, Ken Shamrock (I learned so much from Beyond the Lion's Den), Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Katsuya Toida, Imanari, Pancrase, Combat Wrestling, the various UWF incarnations, etc. etc.

So it is more based on that I call myself a catch guy than anything else. I feel like I have to give respect to the guys I learned so much from.

I understand sambo has lots of emphasis on standing submission entries, but for me, I learned them studying catch guys, for the most part.