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May 24, 2002
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Ontario, Canada
Any Canadians here? How about from Ontario? Now more close Ottawa Valley? Now specific Pembroke??! It really sucks here
There are plenty of Canadians here somewhere. I live on Vancouver Island, BC now, but was born and raised in Niagara Falls and lived for 5 years in London Ontario. I used to think Ontario sucked when I lived there too, but I wouldn't know now, cuz I've been in BC 20 some years, and have never once regretted moving here. Welcome to Martial Talk! Nice to meet you. Why dontcha tell us a bit about yourself and your training? :asian:
Another fellow Canadian here, I'm currently in London, Ontario.

There are quite a few of us from the Southwestern Ontario region here on Martial talk.

And much more from other parts of Ontario.

Hmm started about 7 years ago. I am originally from the Oshawa area. Moved away. Was a member of the Kan, left due to political bickering etc. Still train in Ninjutsu, like to travel alot. Train with as many people as I can muster up LOL.
I just got back from a week in Toronto--Bob Hubbard is still there I think. There are a few Canadians in the Kenpo and Russian Martial Arts fora, I know.
I'm back from Toronto....con was 'ehh'.

We've got a number of folks, several from London Ont. on here. I passed out a lot of MT flyers in Toronto so, we might see even more Canadians here.

Ah, Buffalo! Back in the 70's I went to some pretty fine concerts out there at Rich Stadium. I always wondered if they still put those on, in this day and age? OMG and Niagara Falls NY, where you could get the best chicken wings and pizza on the planet! Wonder if Honey's or The Willow are still there? The mouth waters.... :D
I'm Originally from Vancouver, Now live in Burlington, Ontario. I have been training for 25 years in various arts. Black Belt in Goju Ryu, currently training in Jeet Kune Do

Hello to all

Congrats on the Kid there Mr Farr. And the wedding give Mercy a hug for me. I wrote you guys in London, guess the new occupants had reading material!! You have the right guy
Well i guess i can't leave my town out of the canadian group... Windsor Ont, here... Nice to see so many canadians in here!!

what styles do you all study... Me.. im a hapkido girl...

Been studying fighting karate for the last 17 years, bjj for 4-5 years. Prefer grappling than striking now.


Yeah.. Grappling is a hoot... we just had a couple of classes, how to get out of situations ect... its abit ackward at first.. but then you get comfortable with it.. (didn't take long for me) It really helps when you have instructors that you can trust, especially when you are in that position...
Alberta here, i live a ways west of Edmonton. I am 15 and have bin studying for less than a year in Renshikan karate. I only hold my yellow belt and several medals.

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