Can you help me with information...



...on an organization that goes by the name of the International Yudo Federation, affiliated with ChungTongKwan Yudo.

I am in no way affiliated with this Federation. However I am on a fact finding mission so-to-speak. I am expecting, if my initial impression is correct for negative information regarding this organization. So don't think you'll be hurting my feelings if have information that is negative.

I'm doing a search for a friend that doesn't have internet access who is somewhat into the Korean arts. I am not so hopefully many of you will be able to help with information. I am suspecting that it is yet another rank mill due to information I have gathered thus far relating to a $100 charge PER Dan for registration.

Thank you in advance for your input and help :asian:
...on a small Hombu in Korea, Soule [I think] called Dong Koo Yudo Kwan. By a man named Kang Dong Koo.

Any information would be helpful i.e. location, size, style, website, patch or logo etc.

Again my thanks :asian: