Anyone else notice...

As far as I know there is no proper punctuation with "TKD" or any other korean words. Korean is translated phonetically, so you will have chun-be, junbe, jun-be. All different kinds. I have noticed different styles use different punctuation. WTF is (I beleive) Taekwondo, where ITF is Taekwon-Do. I will admit I have never seen Tae-Kwon-Do until now, but whether it is correct or not, I guess it depends where you come from.

I believe I pulled the spelling from RMA, or my local phone book (was a while ago). Let me know what you folks would prefer, and I'll tweak it. Same goes for the forum description. I'm always open to suggestions on how to make things here better.

No the proper spelling is Tae Kwon- Do

Tae to kick or destroy with foot

Kwon to punch or smash with the hand

Do art or way.

Tae Kwon-Do