Advice for doormen


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Oct 13, 2006
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Thought I'd share this from a FB site for UK door supervisors. It's devilish :D:D

"Doormans Top Tips >>>
A trick i used to do on the doors when you had a guy giving you **** for a while but he didnt deserve hitting was >>>
Id grip him and then do a twister on his neck ( cow bite)
He'd be confused then id explain "just wait till you get home dickhead and you're misses see's that. Now youll know what **** is"

Imagine him tying to explain a love bite on his neck after a night out!

The doorman did it luv, i promise!

I even had a guy bring his wife back wanting me to explain that it was me and he wasnt with another girl.
All I said was "thats not the girl, you was with last week"
She clipped him, we laughed, he didnt give me anymore ****

More than one way to skin a cat !

Not very nice but it was better than putting them to sleep"

I didn't correct spelling or grammar, just read it in an English accent lol